Full of life and spice? Check. Made from years of perfecting the recipe? Check. A true delight that can be found no where else? Check. It may sound like I am a describing a good pot of gumbo but actually I am talking about a perfect wedding day. Albert & Wanika brought some of that Boot flavor all the way to Houston and turned up for real.  I don't know about you but I love to be smack right in the middle of the fun and action. Partially because it's my job and also I just love capturing every bit of the moment to be relived later on when my clients see their photos. 

   Albert first caught a glimpse of Wanika as she was walking down the street headed to her grandmother's home.  Albert was in the car with his friend at the time but never said a word to her.  They never communicated until he was away playing in a basketball tournament in DC.  They sat and talked on the phone for hours. When Albert finally made it back home he finally went to see her and according to Wanika "it has been on ever since!"