Peju & Matthew's big day finally came and man oh man oh man I was too hyped about this wedding.  The drive to Dallas seemed a million miles long because I was overly anxious to shoot this wedding.  On the way, my mind was rushing with idea after idea.  I was anticipating where I was going to shoot, what the the hotel looked like, and how the inside of the venue looked. I'm a good on the spot photographer, but my own anxiousness was getting to me.  

   Finally I arrived and the day had officially gotten started.  All my worries just magically went away when I began to pull my camera out of the bag.  Aside from that, I was working with what had to be the calmest bride I have ever worked with.  Now despite how calm Peju was, I saw that inner emotion building up in her and would be ready to be released at the right moment. I knew she couldn't hold it back even by hiding behind her alter ego who I had met before..  This turned out to be an amazing wedding filled with fun, emotions and all out great spirited people.  This was definitely a wedding for the books.  

Couple: Peju & Matthew

Venue: Waxahachie Civic Center (Waxahachie, TX)

Coordinator: Elegant Nuptials & Events (